AT&T, Twilio team on Web-based cloud applications suite for business


AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) is partnering with Twilio to launch Advanced Communications Suite, a new Web portal that offers enterprise and small business customers a host of voice and SMS-enabled applications for interacting with employees, partners, suppliers and consumers.

Powered by Twilio's cloud communications services and API platform, Advanced Communications Suite sells completed applications to non-technical users, as well as voice, SMS and client components for more technically advanced customers. Pre-built ACS apps include appointment reminder services, polling/surveying data collection tools, business continuity solutions and geo-targeted messaging. According to AT&T, customers first choose a package within the ACS platform--from there, they may subscribe to apps they want by using "credits" rather than dollar amounts, a move the operator said will simplify the shopping experience.

AT&T stated that apps within the ACS service are designed to run across virtually any wireless network. The carrier added it is currently looking at integrating video capabilities into some ACS apps, enabling customers to roll out videoconferencing and related services. 

"The most exciting part about ACS is not just the cool pre-built apps now available to AT&T's SMB and enterprise customers, but the fact the number of apps offered within ACS will continue to grow, providing potentially interesting business opportunities for developers working on the Twilio API," states Twilio Developer Evangelist Rob Spectre. "Further, AT&T customers using ACS get the identical Twilio API, meaning the wealth of helper libraries, hackpacks and other tools in the Twilio ecosystem just work. Regardless of where your bill comes from, the code you write to boost your communications with Twilio is exactly the same."

As of June 2012, more than 100,000 developers are building applications on the Twilio cloud platform, up from about 30,000 a year earlier. The startup has raised $34 million in venture financing. The AT&T deal represents Twilio's first reseller partnership.

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