Beyond iBeacons; T-Mobile feels the pressure;


Beyond iBeacons
>> Beyond iBeacons: 7 cool uses of beacons you may not expect (InfoWorld)

Facebook Messenger app split
>> The Facebook Messenger App Split Is Here (Re/code)

Yelp uses Bing Translator in iOS
>> Yelp now uses Bing Translator in iOS, with Android coming soon (Venture Beat)

T-Mobile feels the pressure
>> Sprint Move Puts Pressure on T-Mobile (Wall Street Journal)

Zillow goes with mobile mortgage pre-approval
>> Zillow Expands Its Mortgage Services With Mobile Pre-Approvals (TechCrunch)

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Will add fuel to concept of bring your own data = the new BYOD

IBM Chip Processes Data Similar to the Way Your Brain Does: A chip that uses a million digital neurons and 256...

Square Overhauls Reader To Support Chip-Based Credit Cards

And finally... Blurry phone screen  no more (Wired)