Bigger iPad may open door for Apple enterprise growth


Apple's anticipated 12.9-inch iPad could be exactly what the tech company needs to drive much needed growth in the enterprise, according to an article at ZDNet.

Bloomberg broke the story early Wednesday morning that Apple plans to launch a larger-screened iPad at the beginning of next year. Tech journalists have been speculating what this may mean for Apple, and if the company can turn it around after reports of a decline in iPad sales.

Zack Whittaker with ZDNet believes Apple's new and bigger iPad may be a boon for the company's presence in the enterprise market.

Whittaker cites the following evidence as to why Apple may be crafting a larger iPad:

  • 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies use iPads in their organizations, but its overall penetration rate is just 20 percent. Perhaps this larger design will attract more business customers and improve these stats.
  • Previously announced split screen capabilities with iOS 8 will be more useful on a 12.9-inch screen versus a 9.7-inch screen. Enterprise customers could use this extra space for enhanced productivity.
  • Apple and IBM's collaboration on enterprise apps requires Apple to step up its tablet game. Whittaker says this deal will "provide more than a hundred new, industry-specific apps for business customers," and "Apple has to make its devices work for the enterprise a little more." A focus on creating quality applications for business customers includes providing them with a suitable device to access those apps.

The report concludes that Apple's announcement is just further evidence of the end of the traditional PC. We'll have to wait for 2015 to see what this new iPad does for Apple's standing in the enterprise.

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