Bitcoin creates new developer opportunities and obstacles


BitcoinRoger Wehbe is the developer behind, a popular Android app that helps users keep track of the real-time spot price of Bitcoins, the decentralized virtual currency that allows peer-to-peer payments without financial institutions. After the value of Bitcoins skyrocketed tenfold to more than $200 earlier this month, Wehbe launched an Kickstarter project to fund an iOS version, asking for just over $5,000 in support. But then Bitcoin lost almost 50 percent of its value, finalizing stabilizing around $105.

Despite the crash, Wehbe said he remains convinced that the currency has potential for app customers. "In 2011, it rose to $35 from nothing and crashed. It's still experiencing those crashes, but it's not crashing to $4, it's crashing to $70. I'm expecting it to do the same thing over and over again. This thing is a roller-coaster." Feature