BlackBerry could benefit from NSA snooping

Apple products losing out among European governments

The scandal around the National Security Agency (NSA) could work to the benefit of Canadian firm BlackBerry, especially among foreign governments.

One example of the NSA effect is the German government's decision to use only encrypted mobile phones to handle "official correspondence," according to a report by The Local: Germany's News in English.

The German government's move, which is part of negotiations between the parties forming a coalition government, comes in response to report that the NSA had been snooping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone conversations.

German government officials will have to use encrypted phones approved by the German information security office, which means BlackBerry phones because they are the only phones that can run the encryption software approved by the office, notes George Kesarios in a Seeking Alpha blog.

Earlier this year, the German government ordered 40,000 secure BlackBerry Z10 phones, according to a report by eWeek. "The Secusmart device allows the BlackBerry to act as a typical smartphone, while encrypting all communications with other secure systems," explains Wayne Rush.

In the U.K., Apple's iPads have been based from Cabinet meetings because of snooping fears, The Telegraph reports. "It is feared China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan have developed the ability to turn mobiles into microphones and turn them into transmitters even when they are turned off, using a Trojan computer virus," writes Matthew Holehouse.

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