BlackBerry execs get the boot; iPad users, keep your socks on;


BlackBerry execs get the boot:
>> BlackBerry ousts three more execs (Wireless Week)

Keep your socks on:
>> iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini won't knock your socks off (InfoWorld)

Take 2 Google Glass and call me in the morning:
>> Google in talks to make Google Glass available in prescription versions (eWeek)

>> Rethink mobile app design (Mobile Enterprise)

>> Mobile magic: mobility solutions open up new horizons for enterprise IT (ITWeb)

Social Scan:

Fixes coming for Skype Messaging on Windows Phone; improved device syncing also in the works -

Imagine your mobile phone as your PC In your pocket on the move, in a docking station at your desk.

Why cloud security requires multiple layers via @usatoday

And Finally… I'm sorry, what did you just say? (AllThingsD)