Brands and ad agencies jockeying over data ownership


Is a showdown imminent over who owns the consumer data generated by mobile? Very possibly, according to a recent article at Mobile Marketer.

"Ad agencies have traditionally played a critical role in how big brands take their messages to consumers but in mobile, that role may evolve if brands make a play to control customer data, as some signs would suggest they are doing," the article notes.

The influence of ad agencies in the mobile space is not yet as strong as some might think, suggests Mike McGuire, vice president of research for mobile marketing at Gartner. One of the primary reasons for this is the pace at which technology is changing, making it challenging for ad agencies to keep up and make informed decisions.

"When it comes to defining the strategy, making decisions about technology that you would use for a new set of mobile tactics and then measuring the performance of the mobile marketing campaigns or tactics, agencies had 20 percent involvement in those areas," McGuire is quoted as saying. Instead, IT continues to lead the way in terms of selecting and implementing technology solutions.

The good news for marketers is that mobile gives brands the ability to engage with customers in new ways, and the ability to track user behaviors on mobile devices. This can provide insights on how to best position a product or service.

But mobile marketing also presents a significant challenge, McGuire believes. There is a risk of using mobile messaging in an inappropriate way with customers, and undoing "brand equity you may have built up," he cautions.

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