Is bring-your-own-wearables a good fit for your organization?


BYOD programs are firmly entrenched in organizations now, but will bring-your-own-wearables (BYOW) be the next IT trend?

Perhaps, but certainly not at the same pace, says an article at Baseline Magazine.

"The industry has been talking about wearable computing for years, but, after all this time, it's still mostly a nonfactor for IT managers," the article says. "While many organizations are coping with BYOD and some are dealing with BYOS (bring-your-own-service), the looming BYOW movement is barely registering."

That could change in the next few years, the article notes, as wearable devices start to become widespread; examples include smartglasses to smartwatches to RFID-enabled clothing. Over the next six months, "the dam will burst and the trickle will become a flood," the article predicts.

This summer should see a great increase in wearable activity, with the launch of Google's new Android Wear and a number of supporting devices. Motorola, LG, Samsung and other electronics vendors are due to ship Android Wear devices over the next couple of months. The article states that Google has given its full blessing to these new products and has a rapidly growing app store selection to run on them.

BYOW is a term that covers a wide variety of devices, some of which will appeal to the corporate sector and some of which will find more favor with consumers.

"Some types of wearables, including smart glasses, will be piloted and tested by IT departments very soon, while having only limited acceptance in the consumer market," the article explains. "Other categories, such as smart watches, will have rapid acceptance by consumers (i.e., your employees) and very slow acceptance for enterprise applications."

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