Building a successful mobile strategy


IT professionals need to think like strategic business partners when it comes to mobile initiatives, but more than one-third of all companies lack a mobile strategy, according to Yankee Group research.

That is the message of an article at Baseline Magazine, which looks at 10 steps for building a winning mobile strategy.

Baseline's advice comes from FeedHenry, which provides cloud-based mobile enterprise application solutions. It is adapted from the eBook "10 Steps to Shape Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy."

"By combining resourceful planning with a commitment to continuous improvement, IT teams will help their companies boost profits by increasing the agile deployment of mobile tools," the article notes. "As with any investment, expenditure on mobile initiatives [requires teams to] define what success looks like."

So what steps should CIOs take to ensure their IT departments are building a successful enterprise mobile strategy? The article recommends the following:

Identify where you are: "A 'mobile-first' company proactively deploys mobile apps enterprise-wide to transform business processes, instead of deploying them on a case-by-case basis."

Determine value points: "Figure out if you want to improve service delivery, boost sales, reduce costs and/or conduct customer engagement. Or do you seek to do something else?"

Conduct an internal mobile profile: "Find out how employees use mobile in the field; where back-end apps exist (such as on-premises or in the cloud); and which devices and operating systems are in use."

Measure mobility return on investment: "Metrics should include total cost of ownership, return on mobile business benefits, user reach, mobile conversion level, service delivery time and enhanced data collection."

For more:
- check out the Baseline Magazine article
- read the eBook advice

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