BYOD fuels demand for hybrid cloud deployments, says Dornquast


The explosion of BYOD in the workplace will fuel demand for hybrid cloud deployments that provide greater data management and security.

That is a prediction by Matthew Dornquast, CEO and co-founder of Code42 Software, a provider of endpoint data protection and management software.

In an interview with SiliconAngle, Dornquast notes that BYOD has created a number of challenges for IT leaders, such as the security risks of introducing unsanctioned consumer apps into the corporate network and the need for IT to support a range of device types.

One solution is a hybrid cloud, which provides the capacity and elasticity of public clouds to handle the number and variety of BYOD devices, as well as the data security and privacy offered by private clouds. Dornquast cites a Gartner prediction that close to half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017.

Gartner analyst Thomas Bittman warns that private cloud is often not the right solution for enterprises. "Private cloud is a specific style of computing that will leverage virtualization, but is not appropriate for all services. While the majority of mid- and large-sized enterprises will build and deploy private cloud services over the next few years, private cloud will only be used for specific, appropriate services."

The Code42 CEO also predicts that in order to minimize data breaches and data loss liability enterprises will develop policies to protect corporate data and require sensitive data to remain on premise.

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