BYOD more important than tea to European workers, study reveals


In further evidence that the great traditions of Britain and Europe are under attack, new research confirms that the typical European worker now spends more annually on BYOD than they do on tea.

According to new research from LANDesk, over a third of British workers surveyed spent more than £250 on mobile devices over the past five years. But the numbers get really eye-opening. The survey revealed that 24 percent of workers surveyed spend between £251 and £1,000 on devices; 9 percent spend £1,001 to £2,500 on devices; and 3 percent spent more than £2,500 on devices.

LANDesk polled 3,000 professionals in the United Kingdom, France and Germany for the survey.

"While the most popular devices among people participating in the survey were laptops and smartphones, with 41 percent and 35 percent of employees buying these products respectively, the next most popular devices were desktops (20 percent of workers)," notes an article at Computer Weekly.

Approximately 18 percent of survey respondents said they purchased tablets.

"Over a third of workers have purchased a device for work, and almost a third of these have spent at least £500 over the last five years on their devices. Compared to the average yearly spend of £97.12 on tea and coffee, having technology for work and play is as essential to many as food and drink is," Nigel Seddon, area director at LANDesk was quoted as saying.

"Traditionally you would expect smartphones and tablets to be the two main devices being brought in from home so it is interesting to see laptops and desktops on this list as well," concludes Seddon. "In this day and age organisations should be supported by technology, not shackled by it, to help enable their business goals--and BYOD is a trend which is not going away. However, if the right measures aren't taken to support the devices being brought into the business, the benefits will quickly become a hindrance and start to make life difficult for both the organisation and the employees."

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