BYOD for the public sector; Mobile gaming at the fringes;


BYOD for the public sector
>> How CIOs Can Tailor BYOD Initiatives for the Public Sector (CIO)

Mobile gaming at the fringes
>> Mobile Gaming Plays at the Fringes of E3 (Re/code)

Volkwagen's mobile stunt
>> Volkwagen's mobile stunt inserts brand into texting and driving conversation (Mobile Marketer)

Cell towers go stealth
>> Cell Towers Go Stealth with More Sophisticated Camoflauge (AP)

Mobility will define Internet's future
>> Mobility, Non-PC Devices Will Define Internet's Future (eWeek)

Social Scan:

Apple recalls iPhone power adapters that overheated and put users at risk:

* New Apps Security Feature Causes Google User Confusion | @CIOonline

"Digital learning requires us to deliver Wi-Fi access to each student's desk", @estescio

And finally... Glad I don't have selenophobic friggatriskaidekaphobia (Fox News)