BYOD spurs renewed interest in VPN technology, says Citrix

Citrix CloudGateway takes app-centric approach to BYOD security

The BYOD trend is renewing enterprise interest in virtual private network, or VPN, technology because of security concerns, according to virtualization firm Citrix.

Enterprises need to ensure that mobile devices and applications are accessing the company's internal network, but in a secure manner, according to Natalie Lambert, director of product marketing at Citrix.

Citrix's CloudGateway securely delivers mobile, web and Windows apps and data to any device, explained Lambert.

"For new content types, such as native mobile application or web application, we can, through our MDX technologies, create policies around how they can be used, when they can be used, who can use them, and put that policy directly on the application so that it can be executed on the mobile device," Lambert told FierceMobileIT.

"As a user, I have the ability to use my iPhone, as an example, and not only have all of my personal data and applications on the iPhone, but I now can have access to all of my business applications because every time I access one of my business applications, [the CloudGateway] is going to check against the Citrix Receiver to make sure I am compliant with all of the policies that have been assigned to that application," she related.

With CloudGateway, IT has full control over corporate content via applications and data, but it does not have control over personal information on the device, she said.

Raghunandan G., director of product management for CloudGateway, explained that the traditional approach to enterprise security has been locking down the data center, putting intrusion detection and prevention devices on the perimeter, and locking down devices.

"But in the new landscape where you don't have control over the devices ... we take an app-centric approach where we are protecting application data and it doesn't matter what device it is on," Raghunandan told FierceMobileIT.

Raghunandan explained that the CloudGateway can secure data in motion and at rest through its app-centric VPN approach. "From the device perspective, we treat the device as being non-trustworthy because in a BYOD world we don't know what else is on the device. We carve out a secure partition where enterprise controls exist only for secure work environment on the user's device," he said.

"When data is in motion, we secure that using the strongest encryption available….When data comes into the data center, we leverage the enterprise policies to control who gets access to that data so there is one point of control from an IT perspective," he explained.

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