Bytemobile: User-generated content half of all mobile video traffic


User-generated content originating via websites like YouTube and Google Videos accounts for 48 percent of worldwide mobile video traffic according to mobile web solutions provider Bytemobile's 3Q 2010 Mobile Minute Metrics report. While video makes up 39 percent of total data traffic on wireless networks with slower end-to-end speeds, that number jumps to nearly 60 percent on networks with higher available throughput--in addition, higher-resolution video is requested far less often than lower-resolution video yet still generates 31 percent of total data traffic, compared to 39 percent for lower-resolution content. According to Bytemobile, the trend indicates that even a small increase in the number of subscribers consuming higher-quality video will generate a substantially greater network traffic load.

On a per-user average, iPhone users generate more video traffic than Android smartphone users, Bytemobile reports. The firm adds that the peak hours for data traffic on wireless networks have shifted from daytime to evening, heralding an evolution in mobile data consumption from business usage to residential entertainment-based usage.

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