Choosing BYOD vs. CYOD? The path to both is secure data


As organizations debate whether to embrace a Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or Choose-your-own-device (CYOD) program, the security and privacy risks with either are ultimately the same, note some security experts. Ultimately, what are most important are the steps that IT takes to secure company data.

A recent article at Forbes looked at the BYOD versus CYOD mobile device debate, and offered advice to IT managers on how to best address issues related to security and privacy regardless of which option an organization chooses.

"Individually, the concepts of Bring Your Own Device versus Choose Your Own Device don't seem contrary," the article notes. "But when it comes to devices in the workplace, companies are finding there is a need for balance between productivity and security."

Quoting Justin Martin, regional product manager of mobile solutions at Symantec, the article provides three tips for businesses to effectively work with a BYOD or a CYOD program.


"Choose a strategy and products focused on user empathy and productivity. Test products end-to-end as an end user regardless of device. You will soon find out where your company fits--in a CYOD or a BYOD model. Ensure every member of the IT team who solves mobile problems has a clear understanding of the problems they are tackling."


"Regardless of BYOD/CYOD, employ a best of breed Data Loss Prevention product that is well integrated into your mobile product and your strategy … This will also mean that data won't leave the smaller devices you have today, or in the future when we all have slick wearable computers that command our devices and integrate with our speech."


"Assemble the right team. Mobile projects should include members from IT, legal, HR, security operations, and the business. All of these groups have a vested interest in the productivity and security of the mobile workplace."

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