Cisco: BYOD improves employee productivity, lowers enterprise costs


BYOD employees are gaining an average of 37 minutes of productive time per week, and BYOD implementation generates $350 of value per mobile employee annually, according to a recent report by Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO).

For the survey, Cisco polled 2,415 mobile workers across 18 industries and six countries--the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, India and Brazil.

If enterprises implement a comprehensive BYOD strategy, they can boost the value of their mobile workers to $1,650 per worker annually, according to Cisco.

However, nearly three-quarters of enterprises that allow BYOD do not have a comprehensive BYOD strategy, the survey found.

"One of our main findings is that BYOD is big right now, it is getting bigger, and it has gone global," Jeff Loucks, senior manager of Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group, told FierceMobileIT.

Based on its survey, Cisco predicted that there will be 405 million BYOD devices in the enterprise, in surveyed countries, by 2016, up from 198 million devices this year.

The average BYOD employee spends $965 on his or her personal mobile device used for work and $734 on annual data plans that are used partially for work, according to the survey.

The top three reasons employees use their mobile devices at work are: they can get more done with their personal device, they want to combine work and personal activities or access personal applications, and their companies do not provide mobile devices.

In addition to productivity gains, a comprehensive BYOD strategy can save money in terms of hardware, computer support and telecom service costs. Cisco estimates that enterprises can achieve costs savings of $111 per employee, or a net savings of $8 per employee, after BYOD costs are factored in.

Cisco's figures on cost savings and productivity gains from BYOD contrast with other studies done on BYOD. For example, Gartner recently estimated that enterprise costs for supporting a BYOD worker would climb to $300 annually by 2016, up from $100 currently.

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