CISO: Banks need to carefully weigh pros, cons of MDM versus MAM


WASHINGTON, D.C.--Banks need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of deploying mobile device management versus mobile application management solutions when considering BYOD programs, advised Vas Rajan, chief information security officer at CLS Bank.

"Where a bank deploys MDM, there are a few key considerations. First, when an employee owns a mobile device and you ask the employee to sign a terms of use agreement that says, 'we can wipe your device when you leave,' this gets banks out of the realm of technology and into the realm of employee relations and legal and liability considerations," Rajan told an audience at Gartner's Security and Risk Management Summit being held here this week.

"On the other hand, mobile application management gets you out of the game of saying, 'we are going to manage the device which you bought' ... Mobile applications management is newer and has fewer enterprise proven options and additional costs to consider associated with it. There is also a higher configuration threshold in having to wrap your apps to enforce what you can and cannot download," Rajan added.

Kevin Thomsen, the director of client services for Citi's Cyber Intelligence Center, told the audience about a program Citi set up called Mobile App Store Monitoring.

There are a number of reasons that Citi set up this program. Compliance is one.

"We have standards for mobile app development and what needs to occur when things go live, but we decided to do a monitoring program as well to ensure" that marketing, security, and legal reviews of the apps take place before the app goes live.

"From a compliance standpoint, we are also highly interested in knowing when our apps are appearing on secondary app stores….We want to remove those apps from those secondary app stores," Thomsen said, adding that the Citi program currently monitors about 50 app stores, with another 30 in the pipeline. Another reason for the monitoring program is customer protection, he noted.

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