Close to half of developers pledge NFC support


Mobile application developers aren't waiting for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and other holdouts to embrace Near Field Communications technologies. A recent Evans Data survey reveals that 31 percent of developers are supporting NFC in some form today and 45 percent plan to support NFC within the next year.

Evans Data credits drivers like security and access (e.g., keycards and dongles, identity, entry and access, boarding passes and transponders) for boosting interest in NFC support. "It's clear that (NFC) is going to change the way we perform everyday actions such as opening a locked door, getting on an airplane or making a purchase at a store. But developers also have plans for the technology that include games, measurements and connections to appliances, cars or other devices," the firm said. "The extent to which NFC will impact us is only constrained by the imagination of the developers." Article