Cola messaging app aims to simplify business communication


Using text messaging for business communication can be tough, since messages can easily get lost in the shuffle and because users often have to juggle among multiple apps to be productive via text. Cola, a new messaging app now available in the Apple App Store, hopes to alleviate the chaos of planning meetings through text.

Cola's "bubbles" feature allows users to schedule meetings, do quick polls, share to-do lists and track user location, according to the press release. Users can choose bubbles from a drop down menu and use the bubble to set up a time to meet or conduct a poll, for instance. 

Source: Cola

The meeting bubble means an end to frantic searches through endless streams of text to find out when and where a particular meeting is going to be – the app does the work for you.

It is implied in the language of the release that more bubbles options will be available in the future, and third-party bubbles "are expected to follow in the coming weeks," the company said. The company describes the app as a "messaging OS that allows third-party developers to expand the range of bubbles within the Cola app."  

The app's tagline is "Text less, do more" and the company hopes to streamline the process of making plans and collaborating on ideas without wasting a whole bunch of time. That would be particularly good for business users, as collaboration is a constant necessity.

Cola's SDK will be available in late Spring of this year.

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