Companies should take a page from consumer apps


Enterprise apps should be as collaborative and user friendly as consumer apps offered by sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, argues Duncan Campbell, vice president of worldwide marketing for converged infrastructure in HP's Enterprise Group.

"Collaboration must be designed into the next generation of enterprise-level products and solutions--delivering the level of collaboration found in tools like Facebook and LinkedIn. It's about creating a better user experience through a 'designed-in' approach," Campbell writes in an Enterprise CIO Forum blog.   

Campbell argues that enterprises should focus on three functional areas to deliver the user experience of the consumer market to the corporate world: a dashboard that enables employees to visualize the data center with one click; a map that displays resources, relationships and dependencies for planning and troubleshooting; and a search tool like Google that enables employees to find what they are looking for quickly.

"Think how often you and your IT teams need to collaborate and provide governance. It is really difficult today. Information is often embedded in excel spreadsheets or on post-it notes or email threads (or in the worst case scenario--in all three). What if you had a news feed on items you care about (based on your filters/attributes)? I am convinced this type of capability would really help...and make everything so much simpler," Campbell writes.

Of course, Campbell has an interest in promoting this type of tool since the HP OneView platform offers these functions on a tablet app. Yet, Campbell makes a good point that enterprises should try to incorporate the user friendliness of consumer apps into their enterprise tools, regardless of which vendor they choose to help them with this task. This will improve worker productivity and likely save enterprises money in the long run.

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