Compuware: 85% of consumers favor mobile apps over mobile websites


Eighty-five percent of consumers prefer mobile applications over mobile websites, explaining native apps offer a more convenient and faster experience that simplifies access to information, according to a new survey conducted by IT firm Compuware.

Consumers now equate apps with entertainment, banking, paying bills, shopping, booking hotels and travel, staying productive and connecting with both home and office tasks, Compuware reports. Users expect apps will offer them efficient access to product and store information, help planning and navigating trips, and real-time communication capabilities--they also desire proactive and personally relevant information and services within the context of their location at that moment in time.

Despite enthusiasm for mobile applications, slightly more than half of all survey respondents have experienced problems with apps. Sixty-two percent of those respondents reported a crash, freeze or error, 47 percent experienced slow launch times (users expect a median load time of two seconds) and 40 percent have downloaded an app that would not launch. Seventy-nine percent of users said they would retry an app only once or twice if it failed to work the first time, and just 16 percent said they would give an app more than two attempts to launch.

Asked what steps they would take if dissatisfied with a mobile app's performance, 48 percent of respondents told Compuware they would be less likely to use the app again. Consumers also said they would be less likely to purchase from the company and more likely to switch to a competitor's app, that they would tell others about their negatives experiences and that they would leave a negative app rating in storefronts like Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play, which is significant given that 84 percent of respondents said store ratings play a key role in their decision whether to install an app.

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