Confusion reigns when it comes to wearables, IoT and BYOD in the enterprise


BYOD continues to be a hot button issue in the enterprise mobility realm. Since the emergence of wearable devices and the Internet of Things, BYOD has gotten even more complicated.

Surveys conducted by Tech Pro Research, a joint venture between TechRepublic and ZDNet, over the last couple of years have shown confusion and uncertainty among companies about how to incorporate wearables and IoT devices into their BYOD plans.

In one survey, published earlier this year, a whopping 71 percent of respondents said they didn't plan on deploying wearables, and 60 percent of those people said they were not sure whether to include wearables in their BYOD policies.

The survey also found that IoT devices are more popular than wearable devices. In fact, twice as many respondents said they were already using IoT devices and 29 percent were in the middle of IoT implementation or planning one in the next 12 months compared to 22 percent of respondents doing the same with wearables.

The survey found that small companies are most likely to incorporate IoT into their BYOD policies, and monitors and sensors would be the most popular IoT devices in the workplace.

In another Tech Pro Research survey, conducted last year, a mere 11 percent of respondents used or even thought about using enterprise wearables, due to lack of use cases.

About 58 percent of those surveyed in 2014 said IT had no involvement or very little to do with wearable deployment. While not many of the businesses surveyed allowed wearables at the time, the ones who did found significant benefits, including increased communication and productivity.

So right there, there was a disconnect between the value businesses were finding in wearables and the policies – or lack thereof – governing their use.

These surveys highlight the uncertainty when it comes to the place of wearables and IoT devices in the enterprise. Companies that don't want to be overwhelmed by wearables and IoT need to get out in front of those technologies with clear and comprehensive plans and policies regarding their use.

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