As CRM vendors look to mobility, Qstream offers mobile performance assessment tool


More and more, sales representatives are using mobile technology to interact with customers and colleagues and customer relationship management vendors are taking note. For example, CRM behemoth has launched its Salesforce1 mobile platform.

Sales teams and managers can also use mobile technology to get feedback using tools like Qstream, which provides automated and live tools to assess and provide feedback on performance.

"We offer salesforces around the world a platform to measure and manage the capabilities of their teams," explained Duncan Lennox, CEO and co-founder of Qstream.

"We identify where the gaps are and then close those gaps with a combination of automated technology, which is adaptive to each person, and support and guidance around coaching for managers so they can close those final gaps," Lennox told FierceMobileIT.

The automated technology involves sales reps playing a Qstream-developed "game" on their mobile phone for three minutes a day. The game provides instructional content for salespeople and gathers data on specific knowledge gaps on the part of sales reps.

"We take the data and we run it through an analytics engine that we built and we are able to provide insights back to everyone from frontline managers all the way up to senior sales leadership in the organization," Lennox related.

The CEO noted that the Qstream software is integrated into so that the reps and managers can use Qstream inside Salesforce instead of having to go to a separate app. Qstream can push the data into Salesforce using dashboards.

Recently, Qstream signed a multiyear deal with professional networking site LinkedIn to use Qstream's mobile sales performance platform across its sales organization worldwide.

Under the agreement, LinkedIn will have access to Qstream's capabilities, including mobile sales reinforcement, coaching optimization, performance data analytics, manager dashboards, and enterprise-level security and integration.

LinkedIn will leverage Qstream's sales proficiency data to drive a new sales coaching framework designed to help field managers manage growth more efficiently, and the networking site will use Qstream to support the accelerated onboarding of new hires and productivity of existing reps.

Lennox said that Qstream is looking at integrating into other CRM platforms besides Salesforce and expects to announce other partnerships this year.

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