Customers want big-screened smartphones for utility, emotional reasons


Consumers choose smartphones with larger screens not only for utility, but also because it pleases them on an emotional level, according to research conducted at Penn State University and Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea.

Researchers at the two universities tracked the reactions of study participants who used smartphones with two different screen sizes.

They asked a portion of 130 university students to use a 3.7-inch screen smartphone, while the other group operated a 5.3-inch screen smartphone. According to a questionnaire administered to participants afterward, the larger screens are preferred for both "utilitarian" and "emotional" reasons.

The article suggests that consumers may emotionally prefer larger screens due to the use of smartphones for both "entertainment" and "communication purposes."

While larger screens appear to be the most desired, Penn State News is quick to point out that smartphone screens can only get so big. After all, the devices are designed to be small computers that fit in your pocket.

If you think people taking selfies with an iPad looks ridiculous, imagine using a screen that large to accept a phone call.

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