Data loss tops corporate concerns about BYOD security, survey finds


Improving employee satisfaction, mobility and productivity is the top reason why enterprises implement BYOD, according to a survey of 1,600 members of LinkedIn's Information Security Group.

At the same time, a majority of companies are concerned that BYOD could lead to data loss or unauthorized access to sensitive data. Three-quarters of respondents said loss of company or client data was their top security concern, followed by unauthorized access to company data and systems at 65 percent, and fear of malware infection at 47 percent.

Commenting on the survey, Ken Hess, of ZDNet, observed: "Clearly, security is a huge concern for companies. However, those fears have less to do with BYOD and more to do with mobile devices in general. Malware actually should be a bigger concern than it is. I don't think the majority of respondents understand the true size of the malware threat."

To prevent data loss, mandatory encryption is the most used risk control measure for mobile devices, followed by endpoint integrity checking, and auditing of mobile devices, according to the survey. At the same time, more than 34 percent of enterprises have no risk control measures in place.

A full 40 percent of enterprises use mobile device management tools to handle devices, followed by endpoint security tools and network access controls.  

Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS is the most popular mobile platform for BYOD, with 72 percent of respondents saying that their company supports it, followed by slightly more than 60 percent supporting Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android, and slightly more than half supporting BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY).

The most popular mobile business applications are email, calendar and contact management, with 85 percent of respondents selecting those apps as favorites. Document access and editing were a distant second, and access to SharePoint and the corporate intranet came in third.  

The survey was sponsored by security firms Lumension, Symantec, and MailGuard, and consulting firms KPMG and Zimbani.

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