Developers turning to enterprise apps to boost revenues


enterpriseThe ranks of mobile software developers turning their focus to enterprise applications continues to grow, according to a recent survey conducted by mobile development platform Appcelerator and market research firm IDC. "In Q410, 70.7 percent of developers planned to build apps that would be primarily consumer-facing (B2C), whereas in Q213, the number fell to 57.2 percent," the report said. "By contrast, in Q410 the percentage of developers who planned to build business (B2B) and employee (B2E) apps stood at 29.3 percent. As of Q213, that number has grown to 42.7 percent. This evolution--consumer opportunities first, followed by enterprise needs and adoption--mirrors that of the original Web, but the rate of evolution is much faster."

Michael King, Appcelerlator's director of enterprise strategy, says that the underlying implication may be that developers--who are often struggling to make significant revenue based on apps they make while moonlighting--are considering enterprise apps as a monetization strategy beyond in-app purchases, in-app advertising or putting a price on their consumer apps. "They're looking for the next breakout app, the next Instagram, but at the same time they have to keep the lights on," King said. "It might start small where they picked up a few business clients on the side, and then suddenly they have all these enterprises saying, 'I want you to develop this for us.' It might not be the sexiest, most exciting thing for them, but if you get 10 clients like that, you've got the next Expensify." Feature