Digital Advertising Alliance, Network Advertising Initiative each release guidelines for mobile ad data usage


Two major advertising trade groups recently released guidelines on how their respective members should handle the collection of mobile user data. The Digital Advertising Alliance, which leads the advertising industry's targeted ad privacy program, and the Network Advertising Initiative, which covers third party ad networks and exchanges, published guidelines on the collection and retention of information on mobile users.

The issue has grown into a major topic of discussion among regulators, advertisers and mobile marketing companies, considering the detailed location and usage information available on mobile users. With the rapid evolution of mobile technologies, and the increasingly powerful tools available to advertisers, those in the industry have been left to decide for themselves exactly how they wish to collect and use data on wireless customers.

Thus, it's no surprise that the DAA and the NAI are hoping to standardize the situation, partly to allay regulators' concerns and partly to ensure the market will continue to advance.

"Consumers love being mobile," said DAA Managing Director Lou Mastria. "And they also understand that much of the enjoyment, convenience and information they receive in mobile environments are supported by advertising. Brands, too, are increasingly converging communications channels--making little distinction as to how customers interact with them. Our newly announced mobile guidance is intended to help brands, agencies, ad networks and mobile providers navigate data collection and use across mobile and other platforms according to our established self-regulatory principles--all backed by third-party enforcement."

Click here for details from the DAA and click here for details from the NAI.