The digital natives are restless


The digital natives, those young workers who have grown up in the digital age, are driving BYOD and enterprise mobility. They are demanding greater and greater use of mobile technologies and devices in the workplace.

The latest example of this pressure comes in the video conferencing space, which a few years ago was seen as one of the last vestige of fixed enterprise communications. Then, the talk was about telepresence, high-definition images, panoramic screens, and the feeling that your colleagues in Singapore are sitting right next to you.

Yes, workers could use their mobile phones to participate in audio conferencing, but for a video conferencing their butts had to be in a conference room seat or at least in their chair in front of a PC or laptop.

No more. Digital natives want to be mobile even when participating in a video conference. Responding to this demand, video conferencing vendors such as Polycom, Cisco, and Vidyo are offering applications for the smartphone and tablet.

If enterprises want to attract and retain qualified digital natives, they had better start paying attention to their demand for mobility. The digital natives are restless, and enterprises ignore these workers at their peril. - Fred