Dismal percentage of companies with strong mobile strategy


A survey released by Information Week shows that only 73 percent of medium to large businesses have a digital and mobile strategy, while 27 percent of those that do have a strategy in place say its weak or ineffectual. Given the impact mobile devices have on the way enterprises connect with consumers, these numbers are pretty dismal.

One of the fail points seems to be that many businesses view mobile and digital strategies as something IT should "just handle" without involving the rest of the company. IW's Michael Healy disagrees. "Becoming a digital business isn't an 'IT project,'" he says. "It requires change across the organization, from sales and customer support to purchasing and product development. However, IT pros are in an enviable position of living the technology evolution in their daily work lives. Your job is to find the digital initiative or project that can shake up the organization."

Healy goes on to say an IT manager's best bet is to seek buy-in from other department heads, particularly those who would also benefit from a reliable mobile strategy. Another option for companies with deeper pockets is to find a mutually beneficial partnership with someone outside the company.

Smaller businesses may not have the luxury of such a collaboration but it pays to get creative and find ways to bolster or implement a digital initiative before your competitor does.

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