Distimo: Facebook reaching saturation, mobile app downloads plummeting


Although Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) remains the most popular social networking application across Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS platform, its dominance is waning as download volumes drop off and rivals like Pinterest and Twitter gain steam.

Mobile app analytics firm Distimo reports that aggregated across all international markets, Facebook was the leading mobile social network between July 2011 and June 2012, although in some Asian markets, upstart apps like Viber, WeChat and LINE have now claimed the top spot. In addition, Facebook ranked just fifth in U.S. downloads last month, behind Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Skype.

In some Asian markets, upstart social networks have surpassed Facebook.

Instagram is now the second most popular social networking app worldwide and led all social networking apps in downloads in July 2012. First introduced in October 2010, the photo-sharing service now touts 80 million active users and regularly records more than 100,000 new installs every day.

Facebook purchased Instagram earlier this year: "Instagram could have potentially harmed Facebook's dominant position, which might indicate why Facebook acquired Instagram," Distimo said.

Distimo: Social networking almost triples in daily value.

Distimo notes that downloads do not equal active users, and that Facebook for iOS has been available for more than three years, meaning adoption is already high. However, Twitter--which has also been available to iOS users for a number of years--also eclipsed Facebook in monthly downloads in July.

Mobile social networking applications account for 20 percent of the top 100 most popular apps in the U.S. outpost of Apple's App Store, Distimo reports. The overall worldwide average is 13 percent.

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