Don't be a smartphone turkey at Thanksgiving


As we sit down to enjoy our turkey dinners, let's remember that table manners not only include keeping our elbows off the table, but our smartphones as well. That is just one of the many smartphone etiquette tips offered by

Other tips include: step out of the dining room to take a phone call or answer an email; don't bring the phone to the bathroom; keep Internet surfing, video watching, texting and tweeting to a minimum; don't text while driving (good safety advice in addition to good manners); and keep talking to a minimum on crowded planes, trains or automobiles.

Thanksgiving is for sharing time (not smartphone minutes) with family and friends. Let's focus on them.

FierceMobileIT will observe the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend with a brief publishing hiatus. We will return to you inbox on Monday, Nov. 26. Have a great Thanksgiving. - Fred