Don't google your corporate MDM policy


Trying to avoid a duplication of efforts is one thing, but when it comes to creating a mobile device management policy, it's worth making a little extra effort. TechTarget's Jenny Laurello reports, "When members of the audience at the American Society for Association Executive's (ASAE) Technology Conference & Expo were asked how they created their mobile device management (MDM) policy, 'We googled it' was the primary answer, and this is not uncommon."

Renato Sogueco, CIO of the Society of American Florists, took a different approach and built his company's MDM policy from the ground up. Interestingly, Sogueco wasn't motivated by the idea that no one could create a better policy. Instead his motivation was rooted in, among other things, the constant frustration of security holes across all mobile platforms.

"Before we had [the MDM policy], I felt powerless", shares Sogueco. "These devices were invading our security. All of these small, shiny things. But guess what happens to small, shiny things that can do a lot? Aside from internal threats, these devices can get lost and stolen."

In response, he stepped up and created both the most bulletproof MDM policy and systems he could dream. It begins with a comprehensive list of regulations for employees to follow, but it also includes practical, hands-on steps to take if corporate devices are compromised--including a complete remote shutdown of the phone.

Of course, no MDM plan is foolproof and it needs to be reviewed frequently as threats, technology and corporate needs change. Policies are good to have on file, but a strong MDM system is the backbone of proactive device security.

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