Enterprises get ready: Here comes Apple's 'iTime'


As enterprises brace for a deluge of wearable devices, one of the last holdouts, Apple, just secured a key patent for its fabled smartwatch.

According to the patent, this device might not be called "iWatch," the popular assumption, as an image supporting the patent bears the name  "iTime," according to an article from AppleInsider.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent to Apple Tuesday for a wrist-worn device with augmented strap functions, support for arm and wrist gestures and proximity-sensing circuitry, the report explains.

The wrist-worn device will connect with mobile devices, such as iPhones or iPads, as well as computers (although that might be a little clunky to carry in-pocket). Even more impressive, the straps have sensors and other gizmos to improve the device's performance.

The device includes a receptacle for a portable media player. In Apple's patent background information, iPod nano is cited as the media player of choice for the iTime.

Enterprise app vendors are already gearing up to make the wearables enterprise ready. Just last month, Salesforce launched its Salesforce Wear--customer relationship management software and developers tools for wearable devices.

Devices that will be compatible with Salesforce Wear include Google Glass, Samsung Gear smartwatch, Android Wear smartwatch, Fitbit health and fitness wearables, Pebble smartwatch, MYO gesture control armband and Bionym Nymi ID authenticator wristband. It looks like Salesforce will have to add the Apple iTime to that list.

ABI Research, for one, is bullish on enterprise wearables, forecasting that the market will generate $18 billion in revenue by 2019, and Apple apparently wants a piece of that pie.

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