Enterprises make the move to custom-built apps, app stores


Enterprises are moving away from publicly available apps and public app stores in favor of apps that are custom-built for their needs and internal app stores to distribute those apps securely.

According to a survey of 500 IT professionals by Citrix's Zenprise, 81 percent of organizations expect to deploy custom apps in next 12 months, 40 percent will use a third party to develop apps on their behalf, and 41 percent will develop custom apps themselves.

Enterprises are turning more and more toward setting up their own app stores, which enable employees to have access to specialized apps or commercial apps configured or repurposed for enterprise use.

The store offers internal mobile applications to employees so they can access internal data easily using their mobile devices, while maintaining security. The enterprise app store enables enterprises to certify, distribute and manage mobile versions of company apps.

In addition, mobile application management, or MAM, is one way for enterprises to get control over their enterprise apps. MAM involves the development, acquisition, deployment, configuration and updating of applications housed on employees' mobile devices.

Another approach to improve security is to implement application whitelisting or blacklisting. When enterprises whitelist applications, they develop a list of permitted apps; all other apps are not permitted. When enterprises blacklist applications, they develop a list of apps that are not permitted in the enterprise, and all other apps are permitted.

In choosing the best approach to their enterprise app program--whether app whitelisting or blacklisting, in-house versus third-party app development, implementing an enterprise app store, or deploying a MAM product--companies should strive to find the proper balance between productivity and security.

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