Ericsson delivers first LTE business gateway, receives Verizon certification

Ericsson Converged Workspace is essentially an office in a box that provides office communications using LTE

Ericsson has delivered what the company calls Ericsson Converged Workspace, which is essentially an office in a box that provides office communications using an LTE link from Verizon Wireless. ECW provides voice, data, security and Wi-Fi from a single box that can be set up in minutes. ECW is designed for temporary work locations, small offices, disaster operations and other situations where a business may need to implement an office phone and Wi-Fi system, but doesn't want the significant expense and delay of installing a traditional PBX, router, Wi-Fi access point and T1 line.

In a temporary or remote office situation, "The first thing you do is order connectivity like a T1 line," said Praveen Atreva, director of the Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Center. "This is insanely expensive," he said. Ericsson's ECW "lets you plug and play and gets you running on day zero," Atreva said. "It's for small branch offices, kiosks, construction sites or in the case of a disaster," Atreva said. "You can also complement it with an existing low bandwidth wireline."

"The Verizon device is set up with LTE on Band 13 and you have CDMA modules for voice calling," said David Wilson, director of connected devices for Ericsson North America. Wilson said that the device has been certified for use on the Verizon LTE network. "Open the box, put SIM cards in and you have a full office in a box."

"In the ECW you have data access, circuit switch calling cellular module and Wi-Fi. Included is a full Asterisk based open source PBX with up to 36 mailboxes and 36 extensions. We can put in four SIP trunks," Wilson said. "We allow you to connect to existing VoIP services. We do have the ability to bring in a wired connection such as DSL, T1 or cable."

Wilson said that ECW is designed to provide a connection to the outside world in an office with wired or VoIP phones, and he said that wireless phones can also be used on ECW by loading a SIP client.

The device can also operate using a 3G wireless connection in areas where 4G LTE isn't available.

"The ECW is being positioned in the marketplace to cost significantly less than if you had to buy the equipment individually," Wilson said. He added that pricing will be in the $3,500 range, depending on the configuration.

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