Facebook trials automatic photo sync for Apple's iOS


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is testing new photo syncing capabilities that automatically upload images snapped with devices running Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS to the user's Facebook account.

Facebook photo sync - iOS

Photo syncing lets you save the photos on your phone to Facebook privately, then choose which ones to share.

Available for devices running iOS 6, the app enables Facebook users to upload images by tapping the Sync button at the bottom of their photos section, then following the step-by-step instructions. "Photo syncing lets you save the photos on your phone to Facebook privately, then choose which ones to share," explains the FAQ posted to the Facebook website. "Only you can see the photos you've synced from your phone. When you view your synced photos, you can choose shots to share or send in a private message."

The Synced From Phone section can hold up to 2GB of images--roughly 5,000 pictures. "When you're on a cellular network like 3G or 4G, we'll sync photos at a smaller size (around 100K each), so they're unlikely to use much of your data plan," Facebook explains. "Please keep in mind that uploading over a cellular network will use your data plan and may cost you money. Over a Wi-Fi connection, we'll sync larger versions of your photos. This won't use any your data plan. In your syncing settings, you can choose to sync over Wi-Fi and your cellular network, or over Wi-Fi only or turn syncing off entirely. Photos will not sync when your battery is low."

Facebook for iOS 5.1 launched earlier this month, enhancing Camera functionality with the addition of a new upload flow allowing users to share multiple photos faster. The revamped app also boasts support for Facebook Gifts, which lets users purchase and send real-world items to their social network contacts, as well as new Messenger features enabling users to swipe left anywhere in the app to immediately identify which of their friends are available and send them a message. Consumers may also add friends they message most to the top of their Favorites.

Facebook now touts more than 1 billion users, with roughly 600 million accessing its services via mobile.

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