Facebook upgrades SDK for iOS applications


Facebook launched an updated version of its software development kit for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS mobile platform, promising developers new and improved tools for integrating social experiences into their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad applications. The update--available for download here--follows on the heels of Facebook's SDK for Google's Android OS, and includes resources to integrate strong authentication using OAuth 2.0 as well as requests to Facebook's Graph API. Facebook issued its first iPhone SDK in March 2009: "Developers using the existing iPhone SDK are encouraged to upgrade, although we will continue to support the older SDK for the foreseeable future," writes Facebook mobile engineer Yujuan Bao on the Facebook Developer Blog.

Facebook users worldwide now top 500 million, up from 200 million users less than 18 months ago. About 30 percent of all users access the service via mobile device each month, a percentage that grows substantially within the smartphone segment: In June 2010, research firm The Nielsen Company said 39 percent of all smartphone owners use the Facebook social networking application every month, adding it is the most popular app on iPhone (used by 58 percent of consumers) and BlackBerry (39 percent), as well as the second most popular on Android (51 percent). Reports surfaced this week that Facebook is poised to introduce a location-aware check-in solution to rival upstarts like Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt, issuing an application programming interface enabling third-party developers to more deeply integrate existing check-in solutions into the Facebook platform, effectively incorporating location-aware data into its existing social networking apps.

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