Fictionwise: E-books will see "huge surge" in 2010


Sales of electronic books, or e-books, are set for a "huge surge" come 2010, according to Steven Pendergrast of Fictionwise. Fictionwise is no new player on the e-book market; it has been creating e-reader software for various handheld platforms since 1997--selling 1.5 million e-books in 2008 alone. Fictionwise was also purchased for $15.7 million by Barnes & Nobles earlier this month.

Citing the increasing popularity of smartphones as e-book readers, Pendergrast tells ComputerWorld that a "tipping point" for e-book popularity will take place in 2010. This will be due to a snowball effect as consumers start seeing more users reading e-books on planes and subways.

Some analysts, such as Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group, think smartphones are not suitable as an e-book reader.  Enderle thinks that smartphones "[have] the wrong kind of display and the wrong size display, and the battery life is not right for reading for long periods." However, I can't help but feel that most naysayers of e-books are folks who don't read e-books in the first place.

After all, there was a point in time when the largest phone maker in the world thought that a phone with a colored display was pointless and consumed too much battery as well. And while battery life is definitely shortened when reading for hours at a time--it has yet to stop me from using it for reading. In the meantime, I am going back my BlackBerry to continue with my ninth e-book this year.

Seriously, it's all about the content.

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