FierceMobileIT's fiercest 15 firms in extreme mobility: Send us your nominations


Mobility is changing the corporate environment. Today, companies that aren't at least considering a mobility program are at risk of falling further behind their competitors.

Many of these mobility programs are pure BYOD, with employees bringing whatever device helps them work faster and smarter. Others, particularly in regulated industries, are pure corporate-owned device programs, while still others are combination of the two. 

Mobility is the IT watchword for the second decade of the 21st century, and it only makes sense that this year's Fierce15 awards will focus on companies that have launched exceptional mobility programs. 

FierceMobileIT's first annual Fierce15 awards will recognize 15 companies for outstanding mobility projects and initiatives, and we are now accepting nominations for companies that have taken those programs to the extreme in 2014. The deadline for submission is September 24.

The criteria for selection for the Fierce15 will be the difficulty of the mobile transformation effort, its scope, the productivity it fosters, the business value it brings to the organization and its overall impact.

Fill out the form below to ensure your favorite firm is considered. Please make the selection process easier by suggesting winners and offering compelling justifications.

The nominees should meet the following criteria:

1. Companies should have implemented or should be implementing a mobility program--BYOD, corporate-owned mobile devices or a combination of the two. These programs, which can be in any industry, should push the limits of mobility in some way.

2. Companies should be end-users of mobile devices.

2. Company execs must be available for interviews and agree to keep their status in our selection process confidential until the final list is announced.

Thank you for your time. The winners will be announced in November. – Fred Donovan