5 female developers making their mark in mobile


Female Developers When it comes to mobile app development, men outnumber women at a startling pace despite the fact that women are significant consumers of mobile apps. According to a report released by EEDAR Video Research, about 60 percent of app purchases in the 15 to 64 age group were made by women.

But the gender gap in mobile app development is significant, and there are few signs of it changing, at least in the short-term. Demographics on the mobile app developer ecosystem are hard to come by, but the market likely mimics the broader software/IT developer industry, where recent surveys indicates that men outnumber women by about 10 to 1. According to Forbes, research from Los Angeles-based IT recruiter Q found that for every 100 software developers, only 10 to 12 are women.

FierceDeveloper tracked down five enterprising women who are making a difference in mobile app development--from working on enterprises apps as a member of a Chicago-based development team to heading up a firm devoted to augmented reality, these women are tackling the mobile development world first-hand and hoping that their efforts will help prompt others to follow their lead. Feature