Flurry: iPad owners spend 42% more time in apps than iPhone users


Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) device owners exhibit significantly different application usage patterns based on whether they're accessing an iPhone or iPad tablet, according to new data issued by app analytics firm Flurry.

Flurry determined that iPhone owners make up 72 percent of all iOS device users, with iPad owners making up the remaining 28 percent. But after Flurry sorted device users into "Personas," assigning them to psychographic segments based on their app usage, Flurry found differences in the type of apps and type of device used by each Persona.

"Personas 'on the move' skew most heavily toward iPhone: Value Shoppers use iPhone to scan barcodes and find bargains, and Singles and Hip Urban Lifestylers use them to socialize," said Flurry Director of Industry Insights and Analysis Mary Ellen Gordon. "iPhone represents more than 90 percent of iOS devices (excluding iPod) owned by members of those Personas."  

At the opposite end of the spectrum are Personas that heavily favor the iPad--e.g., demographic categories associated with domestic activities, like pet owners, home design enthusiasts and small business owners who may work from home. Gamers also skew more heavily toward iPad, Flurry notes.

iPad owners in the Flurry sample spent 42 percent more time in iOS apps in May 2013 than iPhone owners, although the firm notes that time varied significantly by app category. For example, iPhone owners spent more than 13 times as much time accessing navigation apps and more than five times as much time using health and fitness apps to track walks, runs, and bike rides. Newsstand, education, games and reference apps dominated time devoted to iPad usage.

Perhaps not surprising given iPad app behavioral trends, usage peaks between the hours of 6:00 pm and 11:00, the sweet spot for downtime activities like gaming and reading. "iPhone app usage also peaks during that time, but the absolute amount of time on iPad and the percentage of app use that occurs during those hours is greater," Gordon notes. "The situation reverses as the night wears on, and between 2:00 am and 4:00 am usage is greater in iPhone apps than in iPad apps. This may be insomniacs reaching for phones at their bedside or those Singles and Hip Urban Lifestylers finding their way home from a late night."

Flurry acknowledges that many consumers own both an iPhone and an iPad. "While our data does not enable us to link the same user across his or her different devices, we believe that individuals may express different parts of their personalities and lifestyles through their use of different devices. For example, by night a person in the Single and Hip Urban Lifestyle Personas may use her iPhone to organize her social life. By day that same person may use her iPad to run her interior design business, putting her in our Small Business and Home Design Enthusiast Personas," Gordon states. "Savvy app developers and advertisers will increasingly factor contextual differences into their development and targeting plans."  

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