Forrester: Mobile technology offers enterprises endless possibilities ... as well as trepidation


The rapid pace of mobile technology development offers enterprises "endless mobile possibilities," yet enterprise leaders are "filled with an equal amount of trepidation" about mobile devices in the enterprise, wrote Forrester analyst Michael Facemire in recent blog.

Facemire explained that mobility will push enterprise architectures to incorporate an aggregation and data transformation tier. This will enable enterprises to react to the demands new mobile technology places on infrastructure performance and scalability, and migrate existing services to a cloud-based and service-oriented offering.

To stay ahead of mobile developments, Facemire stressed that enterprises should develop a mobile strategy that covers mobile delivery, cloud, social and big data areas.

He also recommended that enterprises use big data analytics to handle all of the data that will be generated by the mobile devices rushing into the enterprise.

"React to the available rapid feedback loops and deliver software updates on a monthly cadence instead of an annual/biannual one. With the proper focus and metrics, you'll do less work and deliver solutions at light speed compared with your competition," he advised.

Enterprises need to embrace rather than resist the BYOD trend to let "employees dream and enable a corporate spirit of innovation," Facemire wrote. He cited the example of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) hiring Ray Kurzwell, an artificial intelligence expert, to lead its engineering efforts as a firm focusing on innovation.

'Mobile presents limitless game-changing opportunities; these opportunities come with an equal set of business challenges," Facemire concluded.

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