Foursquare enhances BlackBerry beta app


Location-based mobile social network Foursquare announced the release of version 1.5.5 of its BlackBerry beta application, which includes touchscreen support for BlackBerry Storm users and extends the service to virtually all RIM devices. Alongside enhancements like improved speed and battery life, version 1.5.5 boasts more efficient and accurate location lookups, nearby tips and tip details, and tools to add and find friends via the device's address book, Twitter account handle and first name/last name/phone number.

Foursquare launched in 2009--users "check in" at local venues on their mobile device, earning points and even "badges" for visiting establishments on a regular basis. The service currently includes about 275,000 members. In addition to BlackBerry, Foursquare supports iPhone, Android, webOS and Windows Mobile.

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