Fujitsu develops HTML-5-based smartphone platform to secure corporate data

Sensitive corporate data can only be accessed in workplace to improve security

Japan's Fujitsu is developing an HTML-5-based smartphone platform designed to secure corporate data in a BYOD environment, according to a report by Computerworld.

The system, developed by engineers at Fujitsu Laboratories, matches an app on the smartphone with a cloud-based server that delivers corporate apps like email, sales databases and customer contacts, all as HTML 5 applications.

The app senses whether the smartphone is in the workplace or not, and whether it has access to sensitive corporate data. The app is delivered over an encrypted connection to the handset, which runs it inside a secure application environment, according to the report.

The cloud server connection is cut when the employee leaves the workplace, and the data is not stored locally on the handset, so if the handset is lost, it will not contain any sensitive data.

Fujitsu demonstrated the system, which can runs on iPhones and Android smartphones, Thursday at an event in Silicon Valley.

The system uses either the corporate Wi-Fi network or a near-field communication (NFC) card to access the cloud-based server. When the smartphone detects the Wi-Fi network or NFC card, it switches into work mode, which brings up a different set of work-related apps on the home screen.

While this system would work for employees who bring their smartphones into the office, it would not enable them to work away from the office since it depends on proximity to the corporate Wi-Fi network or use of an NFC card.

Fujitsu plans to release the system as part of its mobile enterprise application platform later in the year.

Separately, Fujitsu Labs announced that it has developed a way for users to transfer files between a PC and a mobile device by using the mobile device to capture a video of the file on the PC screen.

This technology would enable employees to transfer data from one device to another quickly, without having to search for and select the file from the device's file menu. This could enable photographs and presentations to be simultaneously downloaded to a number of smartphones during a meeting or conference session, the company explained.

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