Get used to multi-vendor mobility management, says report

Longer term, a wave of acquisitions seem inevitable in the space

Enterprise mobility management will not become easier anytime soon--and CIOs should be skeptical of single, silver-bullet solutions, says a new report from GigaOm Research. It's a complex space, thanks to consumerization, the proliferation of cloud-based services and purchasing authority moving toward lines of business, says the report.

"The mobility mess will get worse for quite some time before it gets better," writes Cormac Foster, the report author.

"Until the mobility market coalesces and its rate of innovation slows, no EMM [enterprise mobility management] single vendor's solution will address all the most demanding enterprise's management needs, increasing the number of multivendor integrations," he adds.

In the short term, enterprises should expect to stand up overlapping technologies and should look for solutions that pair well; consulting and support services will also appeal to CIOs. Longer term, a wave of acquisitions seem inevitable, writes Foster.

The GigaOm Research report, offered as a premium service through the tech news website, compares several popular enterprise mobility management vendors based on their strategies and strengths related to five "disruption vectors."

The most important enterprise mobility disruption vector, according to Foster, is "platform proliferation". It's followed by "enterprise distribution," "compliance, risk and governance," "value-driven metrics" and, finally, the least weighted is "enterprise mobility management as IT management".

Based on these disruption vectors, GigaOm says AirWatch, Citrix and MobileIron are best positioned to address the widest range of concerns with one solution.

Foster notes that although some vendors are claiming mobile device management is dead, it is "firmly entrenched within enterprises." While MDM will hold steady, mobile application management will rise sharply over the next two years.

"The MDM and MAM approaches each complement the other, evinced by nearly every vendor in the space building or partnering its way into offerings on both sides of the aisle," writes Foster.

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