Good Technology addresses devices coming in the enterprise back door


Good Technology announced that its enterprise software will support Apple's iPhone, the Palm Pre and several Android devices--the typical devices that employees want to bring into the enterprise through the back door.

Good said its software addresses the problems that arise when employees bring in non-corporate liable devices--namely, logistical and security problems.

"The iPhone has changed the game in the enterprise," Brian Bogosian, CEO and president of Good, said in a statement. "IT managers want to give employees the freedom to use the newest, most capable devices, but until now security and manageability challenges have made that problematic."

As such Good's software, Good for Enterprise, which already supports Windows Mobile and Symbian devices, will now cover all the devices that employees are demanding to use in the workplace, the company said. Good said the software offers enterprise-class email and secure access to behind-the-firewall applications and data along with security and management that includes remote wipe capabilities, on-device data encryption, and the ability to manage all devices from a single, web-based management console.

Good also released the results of a survey that revealed 28 percent of enterprises have already experienced security breaches due to employees bringing unauthorized devices into the workplace. And 44 percent of respondents--IT decision makers at large companies in the United States and United Kingdom--said they would allow users to choose their own devices if they could be assured of security and configuration. Nearly 80 percent of companies reported an increase in the number of employees wanting to bring their own devices into the workplace in the last six to 12 months, including iPhone, Palm Pre and devices based on Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian, Good said.

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