Google adds written gestures to Android search


Google announced the launch of Gesture Search, a new Google Labs application enabling Android smartphone users to access contacts, installed apps, bookmarks or music by drawing alphabet gestures on their touchscreen. "Say you want to call your friend Anne. Just open Gesture Search and draw letter ‘A,' and Gesture Search returns a list of items that have words starting with ‘A,'" writes research scientist Yang Li on the Official Google Mobile Blog. "If your handwriting isn't all that neat, that's okay. If the ‘A' you draw looks a bit like an ‘H'... ‘H' results will be brought up as well. If needed, you can also erase a query by crossing it horizontally: left to right erases the entire query, and right to left removes the last letter or space in the query." Li adds that Gesture Search responds to search histories, meaning that "Anne's" contact information will jump to the top of the results list the next time the user writes "A."

Gesture Search is optimized for devices running Android 2.0 and above. The application is available for download via Android Market.

For more on Gesture Search:
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