Google AdWords launches Estimated Total Conversions to track multi-screen activity


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is introducing Estimated Total Conversions, a new tool enabling AdWords advertisers to track how their search ads perform across various device screens.

Estimated Total Conversions identifies both the conversions AdWords customers see today, like online sales, as well as projected conversions completed across multiple devices. "Conversions can come in many forms: Visits to stores, phone calls, app downloads, website sales or purchases made after consulting various devices," notes Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google's senior vice president of ads and commerce. "Getting better insight into these complex purchase paths can help you optimize your online advertising and allocate budget more effectively."

At launch, Estimated Total Conversions tracks cross-device conversions that begin as a click on a search ad and end on another device, or in a different browser on the same device. "For example, say someone shops for 'blue jeans' on her mobile phone while waiting for the morning train," Ramaswamy explains. "She clicks on a mobile ad for ABC Blue Jeans. When she gets to her office, she goes directly to the ABC website to make a purchase. This is an example of a cross-device conversion. We calculate cross-device conversions using a sample of data from users who signed into multiple devices." More than 90 percent of multi-device consumers move sequentially among several screens for everyday activities like booking a hotel room or shopping for electronics, Ramaswamy adds.

Google will begin rolling out estimated cross-device conversions to all AdWords advertisers starting today. In the weeks ahead, the company will incorporate additional conversion types like phone calls and store visits, as well as conversions driven by ads across its search and display network. "These are important conversions to consider," Ramaswamy stresses. "People make more than 40 million calls to businesses each month directly from Google ads and are often looking for physical store locations when they search on Google, particularly on the go."

AdWords is Google's primary advertising product and its chief source of revenue. The company overhauled AdWords earlier this year in an effort to more effectively reach consumers across all device screens. The revamp requires all advertisers to pay for mobile ads even if they only wish to reach consumers via the desktop, a change to help merchants manage integrated campaigns stretching across multiple connected devices, shaped by contextual factors like location, time of day and device type.

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