Google boosts BYOD management features for Android devices

Selective wipe, Wi-Fi configuration among the additional capabilities

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced Thursday that it is adding a number of BYOD management features to Android devices, including selective wipe and Wi-Fi configuration capabilities.

Mobile device management capabilities are included with Google Apps for Business, Government and Education, explained Heman Khanna, a software engineer with Google Apps for Business, in a blog post.

"Organizations large and small can manage smartphones and tablets – including Android and iOS – right from the Google Apps Admin console, with no need for special hardware or software," explained Khanna.

The new features being added include the ability to remove Google Apps account data from a device without wiping the entire device, to wipe SD cards in addition to internal memory, to ensure that security policies are enforced across all devices through the Device Policy app, and to enter Wi-Fi settings into the Admin console and push them out to Android devices.

"Admins can manage their domain with the new mobile Admin app. And admins can let employees bring their own devices to work while keeping those devices secure and saving their employees time with Google Apps device management," Khanna added.

A number of Android device makers, most notably Samsung, have added their own mobile device management and security capabilities to Android devices. Samsung's KNOX, for example, incorporates the security-enhanced Android platform developed by the National Security Agency and integrity management services implemented in both hardware and the Android framework.

At the application layer, the secure KNOX container separates business and personal use of the Android device. For business use, KNOX offers enterprise applications such as email, browser, contacts, calendars, file sharing, collaboration, customer relationship management and business intelligence applications, Samsung explained.

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