Google Buzz for mobile targets user location


Google announced the introduction of Google Buzz for mobile, a handset-optimized version of its new Google Buzz service, which integrates Gmail with social networking features. "Google Buzz lets you share web links, photos, videos and more with those who are important to you," writes Google Mobile product manager Punit Singh Soni on the Official Google Mobile Blog. "Rather than simply creating a mobile version of Buzz, we decided to take advantage of the unique features of a mobile device--in particular, location." According to Soni, Google Buzz for mobile allows users to post status updates and comments directly from their smartphones, additionally using location to identify places in the immediate vicinity; users can select those sites to add as tags to their posts, or read what others have posted about a particular landmark.

The Google Buzz for mobile suite includes, a web app enabling users to view and create buzz messages via iPhone or Android smartphone browser; Buzz on Google Maps for mobile, offering comments and photos originating locally or anywhere on the map; Buzz Shortcut from, an icon in the top right corner of the homepage; and Voice Shortcut, available in the quick search widget on Android and in Google Mobile App on iPhone, enabling voice-activated posting.

"We wanted to make location information more useful both to your followers and to help others discover information about nearby places," Soni adds. "If you don't want to include your location when you post buzz, it's easy to exclude your location and post without it. You also control whether your buzz posts will be public or private - by default or for individual posts. While anyone can access your public posts, private posts are viewable only by the people you choose to share them with."

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